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Mobile Banking

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of your banking transactions by using BII Mobile Banking. Whenever and wherever you are, you can

The a
dvantage of using BII Mobile Banking :
  • Practical banking transactions wherever and when
  • ever
  • E
  • asy registration and active instanly
  • Online transfers to more than 80 bank account number * without account no registration (BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI, etc.)
  • Support kinds of mobile phones, GSM and
  • CDMA
  • E
  • asy and safe to use, available a variety of access options
perfom any banking transaction simply by using mobile phone, such as account information, money trasnfer, bill payment, voucher reload, and so on through BII Mobile Banking.




















Telkomsel, Indosat**, XL
Flexi, Esia
Menu m-Banking Java Blackberry
Menu UMB Banking

STK menu is the safest compared to other menu
STK menu is available to subscribers Telkomsel Kartu Halo

* All bank that join ATM Bersama, Prima/BCA dan ALTO
** STK for Indosat dan XL subscribers avilable soon