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BII Internet Banking
Now the ease of access, security and comfort for doing banking transactions is in your hand. Use your BII Internet Banking and you will feel like owning personal ATM on your PC.
BII Internet Banking is easily accessible through various browsers including Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. BII Internet Banking services has high level of security supported by latest technology. Some advantages of BII Internet Banking are customer-defined User ID and SMS token. PIN confirmation from SMS token will be sent free of charge to registered customer’s mobile phone. This is very convenient since the customer will need not to bring the hand token
The other advantage of BII Internet Banking is transfer feature between BII accounts to other BII accounts, to other Bank with SKN/Clearing/RTGS system with the limit of IDR 1 Billion per account if the destination accounts had been registered, and IDR 100 Million per account if the destination accounts had not been registered. Transfer limit per day is USD 1 Billion.
The “Online Transfer to Other Banks” feature is generally available in the ATM, and BII had developed the feature to be available through Internet Banking. This is to achieve the vision to make BII as “The most connected transaction Bank”. Customers can do online transfer to more than 80 banks incorporated in ATM Bersama, Prima/BCA and ALTO (such as BCA, Mandiri, BRI, BNI etc.) Customer can also choose the their E-Banking channels (BII ATM, BII Mobile Banking, BII Internet Banking) as the alternative to online transfer to other Bank where the funds will be instantly credited to the destination accounts in the other Bank.

Internet Banking