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Online Banking Tips

BII has tried it’s best to do security and monitor at everytime, both from the Back-End and the Front-End. Security includes but not limitted to SMS token confirmation sent on times of financial transaction.

To put into consideration, security is everybody’s responsibility, hence we would like to ask for your participation in:

  1. Access the internet banking only from, considering many phishing threats out there
  2. Register your mobile number directly to BII Customer Service in branch (no middleman)
  3. Secure your mobile at any time. When lost, contact 69811 or nearest branch as soon as possible
  4. Do not share password to anyone
  5. Do not login or do transactions on public computers
  6. Always re-confirm to BII HOTLINE 69811 when receiving suspicious email/telephone/SMS
  7. Do not open emails from unkown sender nor without subject
  8. Always update your Anti Virus definition


By applying above tips, your account should be safe from internet threats. 

Thank you.




Please be careful with the crime surround us

Please be careful with the crime surround us. Pay attention to the following information for your convenient and security:

  • Do not keep or leave your money or banking documents (such as passbook, deposit slips, books and giro checks, signed transaction slips and ATM/Debit card) to anyone (including a bank employee outside the official bank counter)
  • Do not sign blank forms or documents
  • Do not tell your PIN to anyone (including a bank employee)
  • Do change your PIN periodically 

Internet Banking